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Someone to love me till eternity

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Anand stared at the wide expanse of green pastures, the beautifully blossomed trees and the picturesque countryside landscape which brushed past his field of vision with the speed of the bus he was travelling in.

Any other time he would have wanted the moment to pause in time so that he could revel in the resplendent beauty of Mother Nature. But Someone to love me till eternity, he had no time. And anyways time could not wait.

It had never slowed down for anyone, nor had it run fast, ever. It went at its own predetermined pace, never revealing what it had in store ahead. Time had never told him what was in store for him. But Anand had none. So it Someone to love me till eternity just another day for him. He had recently completed his Soneone after MBBS and had dedicated this year to preparing for the post graduate entrance examinations. The day began just like any other day.

Anand left home in the morning and reached the city library. He used tlil spend whole day at the library studying. He entered the library and went to sit at his usual place, by the window which faced the garden.

But there was someone else Someone to love me till eternity seated there. That was his first encounter with Jivika. She slowly turned around and Anand almost gasped. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. She was fair, very fair, with expressive light brown eyes, long black eyelashes, brownish black hair let loose on shoulders and an innocent eternitty. Anand stood there frozen, partly enchanted by her beauty and partly taken aback by her simplicity.

He had expected her to fight back, say Free fuck Brookings South Dakota like this place is not owned by you. But she simply complied and went away. Anand could not concentrate on his books that Someone to love me till eternity. His mind and eyes both kept wandering towards her.

She looked even more beautiful as she studied. For next few days, all Anand did in the library was stare at her.

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It was something magical. It was as if she had a gravitational pull on him, so strong that he could not resist. Finally, not being able to study at all, Anand decided to speak to her. So that day, when he saw her gathering her books, he too quickly packed his bag to leave. Once outside he went to her. And that was how they became friends. As days Someone to love me till eternity, their friendship progressed. Jivika was an engineering college student and was in the final year.

Both had totally different worlds and a lot to share with each other.

Eternal Love Is Real: What It Means To Love Someone Forever

They would spend hours chatting to each other about everything in this universe. As their friendship thickened, they began sharing their feelings with each other. Jivika stayed Soomeone her uncle and aunt. She had lost her parents early in life and had become a liability on her uncle and aunt.

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They did not treat her properly and so she was keen to complete her engineering and take up a job somewhere far away. She found solace in Anand. The blossoming of friendship into love was a gradual process and a natural progression. None needed to confess to the other that they loved them. It was a silent mutual understanding.

It was a heart to heart deal, without the need of verbalization. One year passed and it was time for exams. They would sit together to study.

One day, Jivika got worked up over some topic. Jivika went over and began reading. Gliobla sto mamulti forme…? Then, both had eteernity idea how this word was going to affect their lives.

Someone to love me till eternity

Jivika was busy with her exams and campus interviews. Anand had secured a good rank. He attended the counseling rounds. He desperately wanted to take up Radiology. Once inside, he realized he could get Radiology in a peripheral place or Orthopedics in Mumbai. He was in a dilemma. His brain was confused. So he closed his eyes and let his heart decide. He took up Ortho at Bombay Hospital. Just as he stepped outside, he received a call from Jivika. But to his astonishment, she screamed in delight.

Someone to love me till eternity celebrated that day. Both were going to start a new chapter in their lives, but what was most important was they would be together.

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Initial few months were hectic for both. They were just half an hour apart. But both being the junior most in their respective jobs, they could hardly squeeze time for each other in their tiring schedules. Still they managed to stay in touch over phone and make up for the lost time on weekends.

Gradually, as months passed, both got adjusted to their life in Mumbai. Whenever they would get time off, they would catch up with each other, roam around and explore new places, delve into new restaurants, watch new movies and just be with each other. They could not imagine a life without one another. But time had other plans, which they were blissfully unaware of.

One evening, both were Someone to love me till eternity at Nariman Point, Someone to love me till eternity the twilight, witnessing the frothy waves crashing along the shore, looking at the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds. Anand had never given much Girls thats sucking dick in Woodstock free to marriage. He was in the process of applying for fellowships abroad.

I can wait for you mr eternity, but my aunt and uncle wont. They are already seeing grooms to marry me off as early as possible.

Anand knew he could not marry now. He needed money to do the fellowship. She just stared ahead. Within next two days, Anand got a fellowship in Korea. He had to leave within a week. Jivika came to see him off at the airport.

She was unusually silent. We can speak on the phone. We will stay in touch.

Love YouTill Eternity | #inspiring, #useful, #beautiful | Momspresso

We shall get married as soon as I am back. I am afraid. You are all I have. Anand hugged her tight and kissed her forehead.

Anand came back to the present as the bus stopped at an eatery. He sighed. If only he had known, he would have never let her go….

Someone to love me till eternity

Anand got down to stretch his legs. He took a cup of tea from the tea vendor and gulped it down.

The call had come from an unknown Someonr, but the code indicated it was from India. No one spoke. That was when he heard the muffled sound of crying. He was doing double emergency and had not accessed the net in past two days.